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2005-11-23 / Letters to the Editor

Delay main runway work

Attention neighbors!

Have you heard, seen or felt the airplanes overhead this summer? If yes, fasten your seatbelt for what the NFTA has in store for us all. The main airport runway is to be closed for repair in June 2006 and all flights, including passenger, military and cargo planes will be overflying our homes, schools and churches.

That’s about 200 each day and during peak times — about one every 2 minutes. You will be unable to sleep (they fly at night too), use your backyard or carry on a conversation with someone who is more that three feet away from you.

Yes, this includes teachers and the Sunday Mass. Christ the King and Smallwood Elementary schools are directly in the flight path.

This publicly funded project ($44 million in our tax dollars) has been planned and scheduled in the total absence of public notice and without consideration of the impact it will have on established communities and the neighborhood economy.

You will be unable to live in your house, be unable to sell, teachers will be unable to be heard over the roar to the planes.

Go to www.ntfa.com and click on NOISE and read for yourself.

I believe it is appropriate that the construction start be delayed for one year to allow for full public disclosure in the light of day to evaluate, quantify and consider the negative local effects of this project in a attempt to identify alternatives palatable to all. We are planning a community meeting in the next couple of weeks and hope that you will try to attend.

Michele Marconi,


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