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2005-11-23 / Police Blotter

Cat watches TV, resident afraid to enter home

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Amherst Police

Friday, Nov. 11

• A driver on Main Street flagged down an officer to report that a man was leaning on the front window of a dry cleaning business.

 Police responded to a Hopkins Road plaza for a call regarding teenagers on the plaza's roof. Teens were looking for a Frisbee.

 An Oak Court resident reported that someone had placed potatoes on all of the cars in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

 Police received a 911 call from a young child. Mother had just shown child how to dial the emergency number.

Saturday. Nov. 12

 A driver on I-990 reported there was a wheelbarrow in the road.

 An elderly man on Fruitwood Terrace called police to say he could not turn off his hot water.

 A driver on Millersport Highway reported seeing a man get out of a van and place a suitcase near a no-turn sign on the road.

 A pedestrian on the Ellicott Creek bike path reported seeing a deer stuck in the mud up to its knees in the creek.

 Police responded to a Millersport Highway apartment complex for a complaint regarding six or seven people outside shouting and listening to loud music.

 Police were called to a parking lot near the food court at the Boulevard Mall on a complaint that two people were undergoing lewd acts in a car.

 A taxicab driver reported that his fare wouldn’t pay for the ride. The passenger kept trying to pay with a credit card.

 A Northwood Drive resident reported hearing a loud bang and then a car speeding away.

Monday, Nov. 14

 A clerk at a North French Road store reported hearing hammering and voices from above.

 A Capen Boulevard resident reported seeing a woman go through his recycling bin and take apiece of paper.

 A driver on Transit Road reported mud in the road.

 A Chicory Lane resident reported that an unknown man was outside screaming obscenities.

Tuesday, Nov. 15

 A Heathwood Road resident reported seeing an unknown man walking quickly down Sherbrooke Road, stopping abruptly and jotting down notes.

 A Richfield Road resident reported they were afraid to go inside their home because the television was turned on. It was not on when they left earlier. They think the cat may have turned on the TV. The cat was watching TV.

 An employee at a Transit Road department store was caught shoplifting.

 An official at a Main Street business reported to police that a woman had been living in the building for several days.

Wednesday, Nov. 16

 Police responded to a Main Street motel for a complaint that a homeless woman from out of state had slept in the basement.

 A South Youngs Road resident reported that an unknown person got out of a car and put something into the caller's mailbox.

 A Primrose Lane resident reported that a man cut down a neighbor’s tree and damaged the caller's bushes in the process.

 Police responded to the main entrance of the Boulevard Mall for a complaint that a woman was asking people for a ride to her husband’s work location.

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