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2005-11-23 / Front Page

Village holds public hearings


The Village Board held a set of public hearings Monday, Nov. 14 at Village Hall.

During the first hearing, residents talked about designating 60 and 80 E. Spring St. as local historic landmarks.

A resident on Garden Parkway said his major concern is the Williamsville Water Mill, and he is worried that if these two buildings are designated, potential developers may be “scared” away.

Another resident disagreed, saying she wants the buildings to be locally designated because of what is no longer there.

“Changes in the village have impacted us as a historical village,” she said. “Without the Mill, we won’t know what the structures were like.”

She also said being a historical village, this will add to the level of significance.

The second public hearing was held about parking on the south side of Plymouth Place.

It is narrow, and garbage trucks have trouble traveling on the road.

Currently, there is parking on both sides of the street. By restricting parking on the south side, the trucks will be able to get back and forth on the street.

A Parkside Drive resident said fire trucks are larger, and it makes parking on both sides an even bigger issue.

In Other News: The Christmas Tree lighting will be held December 10.

Steve Feldberg, of Segsbury Drive, has been appointed to the Williamsville Fire Department.

George Gates, of Cadman Drive, and Mike Blumenson, of Los Robles, were appointed to Park Committee.

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