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2005-10-19 / Letters to the Editor

Mohan responds to Grelick’s ad

The battle for truth is raging. The agenda I have put in print is a 10 percent reduction in spending that preserves jobs and all town services. (Supervisor Susan) Grelick’s claims of cuts to police, youth and senior services is complete fabrication. There’s nothing in my budget to cut these services or jobs.

I challenge Susan Grelick to deliver the proof for her false accusations.

Grelick had eight years to provide action on soaring taxes, assessments, traffic and damage to neighborhoods through unplanned and piecemeal development. My management and engineering expertise will end petty, wasteful lawsuits, dysfunction and tax and spend budgets.

My spending cuts will come from a new focus on efficient management of existing services. I have pledged to put the interest of Amherst residents first, before politics and because I’m not a career politician the public will finally hear the truth!

My first year savings of a 10 percent cut in spending include: 4 percent selective attrition; 50 percent reduction in overtime and part-time jobs; adjustments in some benefits to match the best government and industry practices; and reduction in outside contracting by utilizing more in-house expertise. My first year budget will be $100 million versus the 2005 budget of $111 million , and annual increases will be capped at the rate of inflation.

Grelick’s 2006 budget increases the tax levy by $3.3 million from $74.5 million in 2005 to $77.8 million in 2006, thus raising the town wide taxes by 4.4 percent.

Her claim of a tax rate reduction of 2 percent after a 9 percent increase in property assessments is deceptive. Her claims on my agenda are as believable as the tax reduction fantasy she offers next year.

To learn more about my real agenda for positive change, all are invited to visit my Web site: satishmohan.com.

Satish Mohan


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