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2018-04-18 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I am a senior citizen, and I don’t believe in guns. I have felt this way for many years, more so since Sandy Hook and Las Vegas. I welcome this opportunity to stand in solidarity with like-minded people. I am so proud of all the people, both young and old, who organized, funded and attended the March for our Lives both in Washington and elsewhere. My preference would be no guns period. No one could shoot a gun if there were no guns available. No one would die from a gun if there were no guns available. No one would be maimed, no one would be paralyzed. I know this is unrealistic, but at least we have taken a first step. I would not vote for any representative who did not take a stand on this issue or anyone avoiding the question. Our young people have started a movement which cannot be ignored. They are your voters next year or the year after. They are our future representatives. Time goes by fast.

.Bee photographers do a splendid job with pertinent photos on their front page. Soon I hope they turn their attention to a series of pothole pictures and locations on the front page.

.As a former runner, we have just as much right to the streets as people in cars. Running around a short track gets boring very fast. There are no laws against us using the streets.

.The village budget is an insult to taxpayers and should be rejected. The property tax levy is up $94,628 or 5.42 percent. Assessed valuations are up $56,988,621 or 13.7 percent. The massive increase in assessments masks out-of-control spending. Promoting a tax rate decrease is fraudulent.

.Chris Collins was my congressman for years. He was in constant touch with his constituents. He had meetings with us at his office and had a coffee club where we met every month. He would answer all our questions and bring us up to date on what was going on in Washington. He was gerrymandered out of my district, and now I have Brian Higgins, who I only hear from him during election time.

.Here we go again. Another summer of cancer-causing lawn sprays. Don’t people know, or care, how dangerous these chemicals are? Isn’t our health, our neighbors’, our children’s and our animals’ health more important than that perfect lawn? The air isn’t fit to breathe with all those chemicals being sprayed all summer long. Wake up before it’s too late.

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