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2018-10-24 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Ray Walter has boldly stood up to the Cuomo administration’s corruption. He got more funding for our schools when downstate politicians tried to take our education aid. He has a plan that will cut our property taxes by 38 percent. Please vote for Ray Walter, New York State Assembly.

. Supervisor Kulpa said we are biting the bullet this year on the increase in taxes. Well, Supervisor Kulpa, you should put your money where your mouth is; you should guarantee residents you will not raise taxes for the next three years.

.Mayor Delano, at the end of June at a village meeting, you told me that California Drive was going to get paved some time in August. In September, supposedly the bids went out to the company; it’s now late October. Can’t you even fix the potholes up at the end of Cayuga? After what you and the previous village board did to us on California Drive with bad development, you can’t even fix the street? What’s going on?

.This is concerning the federal deficit. Here is a suggestion: Trump should pay his fair share of federal taxes; the statute of limitations does not apply to fraudulent returns or to returns that have been filed to willfully evade taxes. There is no time limit. The IRS can go back as far as necessary to collect the proper tax and apply interest and heighten penalties.

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