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2008-01-30 / Police Blotter

Two girls caught using one fake ID - at same place, same time

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, Jan. 18

• Police were called to assist a store employee on Sheridan Drive with a customer who refused to leave without a new laptop or until she got her money back. The parties were advised.

• A Princeton Avenue resident complained that the car was egged again; it had happened several times.

• A Charlestown Road resident reported that the hinges were taken off the front door. No sign of entry was found. Police reported the screws were "coming out on its own."

• A 911 call was made by a store employee from a Niagara Falls Boulevard store, saying that two customers were verbally harassing a manager who confronted them about stolen merchandise. The call was canceled when the complainant said the two people left. The female accused of stealing also called, reporting harassment and wanting to speak with an officer.

Saturday, Jan. 19

• A woman reported that her car was towed for a repair, and the dealer and the tow company told her they had no idea where the car was. The car was located, and she was notified.

• The owner of a restaurant on Main Street reported that he had been threatened by phone. A man reportedly called five times in 10 minutes, saying he was on his way over to fight.

• A group of 20 youths was reported near a Transit Road restaurant. Two were reportedly intoxicated and uninvited to a party. They were sent on their way. They were unhappy about it, but they left.

Sunday, Jan. 20

• A Main Street grocery store manager reported stolen shopping carts, saying the suspect had a habit of doing it. The manager had recovered five carts before. On that day the suspect was refusing to open the door.

• An alarm at a Getzville Road house was set off by unconfined animals - two cats and two dogs.

Monday, Jan. 21

• A bowling alley on Transit Road reported that three males and three females were trying to steal a neon sign from the bar. Police responded and advised all the parties.

• A house and car on Audubon Drive were hit with paint balls overnight.

• A Timber Cove Court resident complained that they had a TV installed in the house and his wife's wallet was now missing.

• Police were called to a bowling alley on Transit Road about two females who were using the same fake ID. They were transferred to their parents.

Tuesday, Jan. 22

• Two suspicious teens on bicycles were reported on Maple Road. They were trying to follow MapQuest directions to a friend's house. They returned home.

• A complainant stated that a man was caught stealing scrap and copper metal on North Bailey Avenue.

• A gym on Niagara Falls Boulevard reported that a vehicle was parked illegally, blocking other customers from leaving. The car owner was located, and the call was canceled.

• Two members of a Sheridan Drive gym complained that their lockers had been broken into and wallets taken.

• A woman passed out in a Transit Road restaurant after recently giving blood. She didn't need treatment.

Wednesday, Jan. 23

• A Peppertree Drive resident complained that someone was playing "ding dong ditch" with her buzzer.

• A woman arrived at her friend's apartment on American Campus Drive to take him to the airport. He was not answering his phone or door. Everything was OK, and she made contact with him. He had overslept.

• The manager of a grocery store on Maple Road asked a man not to park in the fire lane. The man was unhappy about the request, threatened to beat up the manager and then left.

• A rug was taken from a bowling alley on Transit Road. The larceny was caught on camera.

Thursday, Jan. 24

• Someone complained about two vehicles doing "doughnuts" on Lanoche Court.

• A woman reported that she was involved in an accident on North French Road and had to chase down the other party, who was now refusing to give insurance information. The second driver also called police.

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