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2017-07-26 / Letters to the Editor

Redevelopment needs a targeted approach

In the recent investigation of the town’s economic status, David Versel segmented the town into six separate and distinct investment districts.

By breaking the town into these areas, it is possible to develop focused planning efforts and work more strategically with neighborhood leaders to ensure that residents have more input into redevelopment patterns in their communities.

Equally as important, targeted economic stimuli and the town’s existing investment in infrastructure should be focused and planned by district. In addition, the town must coordinate capital investment by other state, federal, and local government agencies through the same planning process.

Leveraging input and capabilities of the Amherst Industrial Development Agency and the Amherst Chamber of Commerce completes the process and engages the private sector.

This approach to town planning will allow the individual town departments to focus on specific nodes and corridors at the same time, which will trigger reinvestment. Areas ripe for this sort of focus include Niagara Falls Boulevard and Maple Road, Sheridan Drive and Sweet Home, Bailey Avenue, Audubon Parkway and the Transit Road corridor, just to identify a few.

Targeted investment and focus on these nodes and corridors will serve as catalysts for the stabilization and re-emergence of neighborhoods such as Eggertsville and Sweet Home, and will benefit future redevelopment of retail and office parks across the town.

The town should be actively engaged in the study of places throughout the United States and Canada to identify best practice solution for each of the very different opportunity areas, nodes, and corridors in the Town of Amherst.

Participation in trade associations and conferences, research and a distinguished speakers series or forum program are concepts that have served the Village of Williamsville well and can be adopted more broadly at the town department level.

Brian Kulpa
Village of Williamsville

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