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2017-05-24 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.In reading the Williamsville school budget, I see it costs about $18,500 to educate one student. Here’s my suggestion to save some money: We send all the boys to Canisius High School for $15,000 a year, we send all the girls to Nardin Academy for $14,500 a year, we save some money on school taxes and the kids still get a good education.

.Two Williamsville schools submitted winning entries in the Erie County 2017 rain barrel-painting contest. With that accomplishment over, they should now direct their attention to improving their ranking in the 2017 Best New York State high schools. City Honors, three Rochester-area schools, Honeoye Falls, Ithaca and Geneseo finished ahead of Williamsville North. East Aurora, Penfield, Orchard Park and Hamburg finished ahead of Williamsville East.

.If the Town of Amherst can waive $200 for electrical permit fee for solar panels, I too should have my electrical permit fee waived for my extensive electrical work.

.The Darling property should be used as green space and parking for the Thursday night keg parties, not another village high-rise.

.I can recall when the Williamsville School District had 11,000 pupils and a budget of $100 million. Now the budget is at $186.1 million with only 9,972 pupils. So it costs $86 million more to instruct more than a thousand fewer pupils. Where will it end up?

.This so-called president is either going to get impeached or he is going to have to resign. He is so criminal that he is causing people from all different governmental departments to get involved with his lies and corruption and he is going to take everyone of them down with him. This has got to be stopped. This is not the way we in the United States of America handle our government. We need someone who can uphold all the laws.

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