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2017-09-20 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.In the BJs plaza on Sheridan Drive, there are some stop signs; the word “stop” is written on the road twice in each intersection, but faded. People do not know that they are to stop. Can you please be consistent, install a stop sign and eliminate the painted words on the road?

.I voted in the primary this week, and there were only two voters’ vehicles. The rest of the lot was filled, apparently, with the polling place workers and church employees. It would be courteous if the people staying all day would take the far-away spaces (there were lots of them) and leave the close ones for voters who are mostly older people. This could apply to all towns, I’m sure.

.To say that Marjory Jaeger does not care about the opioid crisis is an outright lie. Marjory Jaeger is a lieutenant in the Williamsville Fire Department and has helped numerous residents in her own neighborhood.

.When is Amherst going to get smart and require sidewalks on all residential and commercial properties? There are streets in Snyder with no sidewalks. This is unsafe for seniors, handicapped, school children, delivery people and dog walkers who have to walk in the street. The town should survey the entire community to determine favorability, not just the the property owners affected who would have to pay for installation.

.Amherst Traffic Safety Board (ATSB) September video is available online. Three highway employees, one police officer, one building liaison, one council woman and nine board members listen to speeding and other traffic safety issues month after month. To slow down drivers, board members now and in past videos actually suggested parking on both sides of the contested streets. My favorite response from board members is, cars ignore stop signs if not warranted. It’s not the driver, the car is the problem. Instead of using inexpensive, pole-mounted, stealth-speed measuring devices, the board continues to use the outdated speed trailer which undercounts actual speed. The ATSB is next to useless and should disband.

.We have one cyclist and one pedestrian killed on Amherst roads since June with no charges filed against the drivers. Anyone with information is asked to call the Amherst Police. My observations are drivers approaching an intersection wanting to make a right turn ignore the stop line, most do not stop, some hardly slow down, few are looking for pedestrians. You reap what you sow.

.Regarding the unsanitary bathrooms at Billy Wilson Park, I also experienced that but it was the first week it opened. I took my 5-year-old grandson, and we went into the ladies’ room. All toilets were filled and would not flush. He screamed and ran out, and we had to leave. That was shortly after the park opened; there was no need for unsanitary conditions. Apparently, something was wrong with the plumbing and it still has not been fixed.

.Where are the lease payments from the company running the three golf courses in the Town of Amherst going, or where can I find out this information?

.It’s great to see Erin Baker and Joe Spino win the Republican Town Board Primary in a landslide on Tuesday. I love that young professionals are stepping up and getting involved in town government. This is just the kind of new leadership this town needs.

.The Town Board needs to address traffic deaths in Amherst and speeding on residential streets.

.We don’t need $15 an hour in Western New York; we need our taxes cut. The only one that is going to make money is the government. Once they double those paychecks to $15 an hour, all those taxes are going to go up. Just like if your utility bills go up, the government makes more taxes. Get your elected officials to cut your taxes now in Western New York; start telling them or replace your elected officials.

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