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2017-03-22 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Enough is enough. For months, we look out our window on Getzville Road at a huge motor home that stands in the driveway. Its length extends from garage to sidewalk. Further down are two more, end to end in the driveway. A mile away on Sheridan, there is a large boat dressed in winter protection in front of the owner’s house. It’s time the Town Board looks into this. If one can afford this type of luxury, they certainly can afford to put them in storage; if not, a hefty fine should be assessed.

.Regarding compensation for the Amherst public-sector workforce, the facts are the average Amherst police officer’s annual wage is $8,990 greater than the officers in the next highest town, Lancaster. All remaining Amherst department employees’ annual wages average $2,850 more than the employees in the next highest town, West Seneca. Blame the Town Board, not the assessor, for a tax rate over $33 per $1,000.

.Regarding the HR department of Williamsville Central Schools, they make all building and grounds and cleaners come in no matter what kind of weather conditions. Our safety is more important than coming in to a big, empty building that was cleaned the day before. They need to stop this, and they need to think more about their employees. HR really needs to investigate.

.Except for bad advice, nothing is free, including Gov. Cuomo’s ridiculous proposal for so-called free college tuition. If this proposal is approved, it will give graduates another excuse to leave our state so that they won’t have to pay the additional high taxes for others to get their free tuition. This will put our state deeper in debt. We already pay exceptionally-high school taxes for children to get 13 years of public education. Shouldn’t those 13 years teach our kids that at some point in your life, if you really want something bad enough, like a college education, then you’ll need to earn it.

..The Village of Williamsville is not posting Village Board minutes. No board minutes have been posted since Nov. 28, 2016. That means minutes of December 2016 and January and February 2017 are still not posted. This is unacceptable.

.Williamsville officials are always promoting a walkable village, yet no efforts have been made to clear snow off the new sidewalks on Spring Street. The village also created new parking spaces this past year, and those spaces were not plowed either.

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